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Ajwain is that ingredient in our kitchen which if used properly has unknowingly numerous benefits. Ajwain is known to have a great value and existence  in Ayurveda  too. Ajwain in Telugu is called Omamu.



Ajwain water benefits :- 

  1. reducing the risk of diabetes.
  2. preventing cardiovascular (heart) diseases. 
  3. aiding problems related to mouth, toothache and bad breath.
  4. curing constipation and good and early digestion.
  5. increasing metabolism hence helps in reducing belly fat.
  6. treating diarrhea.
  7. curing cold and cough – Add a pinch of black pepper to the ajwain water.
  8. treating anemia.
  9. headache problems. Nowadays a headache is a very common problem, but if the headache persists for longer times, then a cup of ajwain water may prove beneficial. 
  10. deworming of abdomen. Ajwain water with a pinch of black pepper aids the worm infection of the abdomen.
  11. treating insomnia, which is also a very common problem due to our lifestyle so 1 cup of water before bedtime is recommended.
  12. curing stomach ache


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