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Dhania powder

Dhaniya ( Coriander ) is a very commonly used ingredient in our kitchens and gives a delicious taste to food items with a great nutritional value. It can be used in raw form, powdered form or as direct leaves.



Uses of coriander :- 

  1. Coriander benefits :- According to the survey reports all over the world, it has been proved that coriander helps in controlling sugar level. It  helps in increasing the insulin on the body , ultimately reducing blood sugar that helps in controlling blood sugar level.
  2. Dhaniya powder benefits :- Dhaniya is an excellent solution for urinary retention (when urine does not completely pass out at one time) – Boil 2-3 spoons of dhaniya powder and leave it to make lukewarm and then drink it lukewarm. 
  3. Dhaniya helps in preventing and curing food poisoning. It actually prevents the growth of bacteria that promotes food poisoning.
  4. It is also helpful during dizziness.
  5. Dhaniya has volatile oils that are extremely beneficial for our health.
  6. Dhaniya seeds benefits :- Dhaniya is also an instant relief for acidity – Boil dhaniya seeds in water and drink on empty stomach the next morning.
  7. Dhaniya for stammering :- Dhaniya is believed to have a great effect on curing stammering.

Grind green coriander with little water and strain it, add half spoon roasted alum (fitkari) and make the person gargle with this mixture.

  1. Dhaniya for chicken pox :- Dhaniya is also a great product for chicken pox as it helps reduce the leftover spots.
  2. It is a home remedy for reducing weight  – Boil 3 tablespoons of dhaniya in 1L of water. When water is reduced to half then leave it overnight to cool down. Drink it twice a day.


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